Cuba after Castro

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Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba on December 31, 1959. Expropriation, nationalization of the industry and the departure of more than two and a half million Cubans followed. But also the advancement of health care and education, and a continuing struggle to turn Cuba into an ideal communist state. In Miami the great countdown has begun. The Cubans who have fled the socialist experiment over the past 45 years have faith again. The momentum is there, or at least close, so the exiles in Miami hope. They'll soon be able to take possession of Cuba again and start reconstruction, from communist utopia to Caribbean investment paradise. In Miami, where 1.2 million Cuban exiles live, Cuban organizations, companies and people are ready for the post-Castro era. This documentary takes stock of the scenarios people in Miami envision for Cuba after Castro and of thepossible consequences for the island and its inhabitants. Director: Gijs Meyer Swantee, Doke Romeijn Producer: Frank Wiering

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  • Carlos Zayas

    los gusanos solo sirven para seda. nada que sea usar el cerebro. lol

  • CA London

    cuba needs hepo yes but within reason...they should maintain the essence of what che and fidel were aiming. not destroy it. it is truly the last ground of anti capitalism. they have proven that they can survive, however they need modernisation. this does not mean to destroy it like they have done so in many countries. bastards...they have ran out of places to, love, history...

  • JM

    cuba debe ser libre, con derechos ciudadanos y libertad de mercado. pero lo deben hacer ellos mismos, sin tutelas estadounidenses.